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Resources for perspectives on the various aspects of Coach for College

Resources for perspectives on various aspects of Coach for College

Coach for College 2018


An overview of our 2018 programming

Download PDF

Impact on Student-Athletes

A summary of student-athlete program benefits

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Impact on Youth

A summary of Vietnamese youth program benefits

Download PDF

General Program Info


A summary of the Coach for College program

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Testimonials from key stakeholders worldwide

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Advantages of CFC

An overview of program advantages

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Program Overview


An overview of the Coach for College program

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University Partners

A map of university partners across the US

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Administrator FAQs

FAQs for university administrators

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Comprehensive CFC Report


A report of program progress and results

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Role of a University Partner

An outline of the role of an American university partner

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The Case for CFC

An overview of how participants help each other

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Challenges Facing Athletes


A summary of the problems faced by student-athletes 

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Book of Coaches' Stories

A collection of stories written by student-athletes

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Op-Ed Article

An article by CFC founder Parker Goyer

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Please find here digital versions of various info sheets that give an overview of the program, its history, rationale, and measured impacts on both participants and children in Vietnam.


For a printed copy of any materials, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Program Overview

Student-Athlete Stories

Camp Videos


Coach for College's Founder