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Coach for College began as a partnership between Duke and UNC in 2008, founded by Rhodes Scholar and Duke tennis player Parker Goyer.


The initiative has since grown to include student-athletes from over 40 universities, hailing from 26 sports, and Vietnamese college students from over 30 schools.

Coach for College runs summer camps at local schools in rural areas of Vietnam.

Student-athletes from U.S. universities team up with Vietnamese college students to teach academic subjects, sports, and life skills to local children.

Camps last three weeks and take place at different times over the summer, in order to accommodate student-athletes' schedules from any sport.

Student-athletes in any year are eligible, freshmen through seniors.

Experiencing a foreign country and developing cross-cultural skills is increasingly considered an essential part of a quality American college education. 
Studying abroad, however, is rarely possible for student-athletes, given their training commitments.

Coach for College was developed by student-athletes, specifically to give student-athletes the opportunity to go abroad, while engaging in meaningful service and exploring ways their unique skills can be used in the real world after graduation.

The Vietnamese children are at an age when many begin to drop out of school.  Middle school is also a time when they develop lasting aspects of their adult character. 

Together, the U.S. and Vietnamese college students become important role models for these children during this crucial developmental phase in their lives.

Children gain motivation to stay in school, knowledge and tools to succeed in both the classroom and life, as well as a strong, new confidence in their individual value and personal potential.

Coach for College is very immersive.  U.S. participants not only experience a fascinating country in an authentic way from the inside, but they are also actively engaged, contributing a part of themselves, which leads to deeply meaningful growth and learning.  Student-athletes begin to explore ways their unique skills and experience can be used in life outside the classroom and playing field. 

Both the U.S. and Vietnamese university students gain valuable cross-cultural skills as they learn to work together.  Additionally, they leave with a broader perspective and understanding of the world and a desire to continue to find ways to make a positive difference in the community around them once they return home.


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