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Tình nguyện viên 

Việt Nam

Dành cho sinh viên Việt Nam tham gia chương trình lần đầu tiên với vai trò "huấn luyện viên"

You will be as much a teacher and a mentor, but we call you "coach" for simplicity.  Each coach, along with their American and Vietnamese teammates, co-teaches one academic subject and one sport to all the children, and mentors one team of children more closely in life skills.  In addition to teaching, you will serve an important role, interpreting between the Americans and children.

The application form for Summer 2020 will be posted in January. 

Trợ lý Trại hè

Leadership position, for past participants returning for a second time

Many former coaches wish to continue to contribute to CFC's mission, and to return a second summer.  The college student-director role is designed to give you a quality, real world leadership experience, which will help you develop new skills compared to your first time participating. 

Having been through the program as a coach, you are uniquely positioned to lead and mentor first time participants, to help maximize their effectiveness, growth and learning, and to help the US and Vietnamese coaches come together as a team.  Prepare to be challenged and have a positive impact in new ways!

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