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Academics and Life skills Teaching Videos

You will be assigned to one academic subject along with one other student-athlete and two Vietnamese university students.  You will also be part of another 4-person team, leading life skills for one team of kids in camp (Red Team, Green Team, Orange Team, etc.).  Lesson plans will be provided as a guide.  Along with your teammates, you will brainstorm ways to make the lessons come alive and be engaging for the kids.

For both academics and life skills, you will create video clips to be shown in class to the youth.  In these you may be explaining a concept, demonstrating an experiment, showing correct English pronunciation, acting out a scene, or sharing a story from your life which illustrates the day’s life skills lesson. 

Examples below are from the trial run of the Summer 2021 program, held in January with student-athletes from Duke and Stanford and Vietnamese college students.

English - Irregular Verbs Game
English - I wish
Life Skills - Respect scenario
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